How To Deploy

  1. Unzip package into a subsite of inetpub\webroot
    • TIP For convenience, shibboleth's official IdP hosts the metadata at /idp/shibboleth
  2. Modify the AppSettings in web.config if neccessary:
    • shibScope is the scope of the identity provider (usually the domain name of the organization)
    • metadataUrl is the url to the AD FS auto-generated metadata (the default one will work fine if this is hosted on the AD FS server itself
  3. Convert the subsite into and application under IIS
    • OPTIONAL If you're running IIS 8 and above, you may want to turn on "Enable Preload" so that calls to the application will be served faster. (requires the "Application Initialization" feature as documented in the prerequisites section)


An IIS Server with the following (under Application Development Features):
  1. ASP.NET 4.5
  2. .NET Extensibility 4.5
  3. Application Initialization (optional, server 2012 and above only)

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